Christian Horner: Aston Martin wouldn't have made it this far without Seb Vettel


Christian Horner: Aston Martin wouldn't have made it this far without Seb Vettel

The decision of Sebastian Vettel to end his career surprised many when he announced it. However, the Aston Martin team looks much stronger without him this season, and they are one of the favorites for the top spot come the end of the season.

In a recent interview with Red Bull's CEO, Christian Horner, he commented on the team's progress. In Horner's opinion, Aston Martin could not have achieved such success without Vettel's help, who has had a huge influence on this story and has been a key component to its success.

“It must be frustrating for Seb to see how well the Aston Martin is doing this year,” Horner told Sport Bild, as quoted by “He didn’t have an easy time there. But the truth is that without Seb Aston Martin wouldn’t be where they are this year.

He has his share of the success. And he will still enjoy the time with his family”.

Sebastian Vettel: What I miss most is the competition

Vettel will make an appearance at Goodwood for the Festival of Speed. His decision to leave F1 was not regrettable, as he stressed in one of the interviews, and he is focused on some new goals in his career.

His involvement in the motorsport world also speaks volumes about how much of a passion he has for the sport, and his involvement in that world is a testament to everything he has to offer. “So far I’m doing very well with my decision.

But what I miss most is the competition and the tensionI let myself be inspired, look at a lot, collect ideas. Let’s see what ends up being a project. Driving my old racing cars with e-fuels at Goodwood is one thing. Motorsport is my passion.

It’s important to me to show that we can drive just as well and quickly with synthetic, i.e. CO2-neutral, fuel. And that already today synthetic fuels offer a solution to responsibly having fun. A lot of people just don’t know that yet”.

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