Daniel Ricciardo: I feel like there is still some unfinished business

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Daniel Ricciardo: I feel like there is still some unfinished business
Daniel Ricciardo: I feel like there is still some unfinished business

Daniel Ricciardo returned to the Red Bull team as the third driver. Despite Daniel's hope that he will get a chance to get a chance, he understands that it will be very difficult to achieve that goal. As a result, Ricciardo is already thinking about the future and how he can get a position in the Red Bull team in the near future.

The goal of his career is to stay with this team for the rest of his life. As of right now, it is still difficult to predict whether or not he will achieve his goals, although it is certainly possible for his ambitions to become a reality.

“This, for me, would be like the fairytale,” Ricciardo said, as quoted by racer.com “Honestly, the fairytale ending (would be) to finish my career here if I could have it all my own way. But we’ll see.

I’ll probably have to work my way up a little bit, but it’s really nice to be back here”.

Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo believes he has what it takes to gain a greater role at Red Bull, and is still confident that he can do it.

It will be possible for him to demonstrate it in the near future. Regardless of what the future holds for Daniel, one thing is certain: He enjoys motor racing and the adrenaline that comes along with it. Even though it's not easy to be on the sidelines and wait for a chance, Red Bull is so great that even drivers like Ricciardo have to be patient and wait.

“I feel like there is still some unfinished business,” he said. “I’m continuing to do simulator. I’m going to jump in the car in July to get back behind the wheel. I’m sure that will really stimulate me and give me all those feels back.

Naturally I’m going to put a bit of pressure on myself for that and try to remind the team that I can still do it. We’ll see where it goes”.

Daniel Ricciardo

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