Fernando Alonso: I think the sprint weekend will not be ideal for us

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Fernando Alonso: I think the sprint weekend will not be ideal for us
Fernando Alonso: I think the sprint weekend will not be ideal for us

Fernando Alonso is great this season. The Aston Martin team entered this season with great ambitions, but they could hardly have expected that the season would be this great. The next challenge for them will be the Austrian GP.

Many wonder how well the sprint weekend format will suit Aston Martin. The Spaniard expressed concern in an interview with the media. “I think the sprint weekend will not be ideal for us,” Alonso said, as quoted by racer.com “We still have more time maybe of free practice with our new upgraded car.

We still need to understand and optimize the package a little bit and in Austria, obviously with the sprint, we will have only FP1 to do that. But it is what it is. The circuit will be good and maybe better for the package as well.

(Montreal) has a strange layout, let’s say. Maybe good for Ferrari, historically with a long straight and short corners, so maybe Austria we have a little bit more pace”.

Fernando Alonso is happy

Fernando Alonso is happy with the season, which is like a dream for him.

The most important thing for him is that he has faith in himself and his team. After that, the results will come by themselves. The goal is to continue like this until the end, and try to fight for the podium. We have no doubt that the experienced Spaniard will succeed in this.

“Everything is good. I cannot think of another time in my career that I was this confident with a team and with a project itself because it’s a more medium-, long-term project. I don’t know whether I will be driving.

I always have in my mind ‘yes’ because as long as I feel fast and I still enjoy, why would I stop? At the moment I’m enjoying — I think there is more to come. I want to win a race this year. I thought maybe it was possible (in Canada) if Max had a mistake, bad pit stop or something.

We were a little bit too far away to force that error. The car is going in the right direction, so more opportunities to come”.

Fernando Alonso

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