Lewis Hamilton believes that Max Verstappen can break his records

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Lewis Hamilton believes that Max Verstappen can break his records
Lewis Hamilton believes that Max Verstappen can break his records

The Dutch driver Max Verstappen has now equaled the number of victories that the great Ayrton Senna has in his F1 career as he won the Canadian Grand Prix. With 103 career victories, Lewis Hamilton currently holds the record for the most career victories in Formula 1, but the Dutchman, given his age, could surpass Hamilton's 103 career victories one day.

The Brit is still hopeful that Mercedes will find a solution to the problem in the future, and that Hamilton will get closer to his biggest rival. "Max has been doing an amazing job. He's had such an incredible career so far and he's for sure going to surpass [Senna's figures].

[We're] working on getting the car to where it needs to be so we can slow him down. He's got a very long career ahead of him so absolutely [Verstappen can eclipse my record]. Ultimately, records are there to be broken. And he's got an amazing team.

But as I said, we've got to work harder to try and continue to extend it. I hope we get to have, at least within the last period of time in my career, some more close racing."- he said, as quoted by motorsport.com

Christian Horner on Max Verstappen

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is also delighted with Max Verstappen and what this great driver is doing.

Many predict that Max could break many records in the future, but for now it is too early to predict anything. Max Verstappen must continue to work on himself, believe in himself, and the results will come. "What we're witnessing with Max is the emergence of another mega talent and you can start to talk about him in the same sentence as the greats now," said Horner.

"Having matched Ayrton Senna… I thought the [Canadian GP] podium actually was very apt of if you like the last couple of decades of Formula 1 with Max, Fernando [Alonso, second] and Lewis [third] up there. He just keeps delivering at such a high level."

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