Nyck de Vries' form worries many: Franz Tost is optimistic

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Nyck de Vries' form worries many: Franz Tost is optimistic
Nyck de Vries' form worries many: Franz Tost is optimistic

It is safe to say that Nyck de Vries did not expect that his F1 career would start in the way it did. As of right now, he has not earned a single point in the current season, and only Logan Sargeant from Williams has worse results than him after 8 races.

Having made his debut at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza last year after an impressive performance in his first F1 race, good things were expected of De Vries. A sick Alex Albon was unable to start the race, so he jumped into the Williams car instead, resulting in an excellent ninth place finish.

AlphaTauri recently hired him for this season's show and things so far don't seem to be going well for him. Neither the team nor the Dutch driver are happy with the results. The final team in the constructors' standings at the moment is AlphaTauri, which stands at the bottom of the table after Albon provided Williams with the extremely important six points during the last race in Canada.

Franz Tost is optimistic: He just needs to get the confidence

The team is in trouble, but even more so, De Vries, a member of the team, is in a much worse situation since he cannot even keep up with his teammate, despite his best efforts.

During this season's races, Yuki Tsunoda won two points, he has a 6-2 ratio against De Vries in the races, and in the qualifying rounds, he hasa 7-1 ratio against De Vries. It is worth noting that Franz Tost has defended his driver, and emphasized the difficulty it is for new drivers to find a rhythm in Formula 1.

"He just needs to get the confidence – and we have to provide him with a good car," Tost said talking to media. "I said to him he should stay concentrated, he should stay confident, because we all know he can do a good job."

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