Lewis Hamilton: We have to focus on the next season

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Lewis Hamilton: We have to focus on the next season
Lewis Hamilton: We have to focus on the next season

It is clear that Mercedes is on the right track after the upgrades in Monaco. As a result of the races in Spain and Canada, it is evident that the Mercedes team put in a lot of effort, and that they aim to raise their level in the remaining races.

Lewis Hamilton confirmed in an interview with the media that he is very happy with the progress of his team, considering that Mercedes is looking better than it was at the start of the season, which he had hoped for. "It's been a great weekend,” he said after Canadian GP, as quoted by crash.net “Very difficult with the conditions but loving being in the car now with the car in a better window and a bit more on the right track.

For us to be up there, having battles with Fernando in the Aston, and being on the second row, it's been great. To be on the podium two races in a row is really fantastic for us."

Lewis Hamilton is cautious

Lewis Hamilton believes they are now much closer to their main rival; Red Bull.

The F1 scene will be full of interesting things until the end of the season, so stay tuned. In spite of this, Lewis Hamilton urges his team to get started on planning for the next season as soon as possible, especially since Red Bull is heading in the same direction.

Unlike some of his opponents, the Brit seemed to understand the old adage, "You should always be one or two steps ahead of your opponents."
“We were also running fourth in Monaco, so we’re definitely getting closer.

And it’s going to be a battle of development, I guess, over the rest of the season. I reckon Max’s team are already working on next year’s car, so we need to take our eye a little bit off the ball and focus on next year also but yeah, happy to be up there”.

Lewis Hamilton

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