Helmut Marko dissatisfied with Max Verstappen's 'overconfidence'

“First he hit a bird. That didn’t end well for the bird in question"

by Sead Dedovic
Helmut Marko dissatisfied with Max Verstappen's 'overconfidence'

Max Verstappen confirmed during the weekend in Canada that he is the most serious candidate for the third consecutive title. The Dutchman seems unstoppable. What impresses many is his self-confidence and the fact that he is not afraid of anyone.

After two consecutive titles (especially the first), Max Verstappen took the pressure off himself, and you can feel it during his performances. The race in Canada could have brought more negative outcomes, given the few problems he encountered.

Nevertheless, Max endured to the end, came to win, and once again showed what qualities he possesses. Helmut Marko, the current advisor to the Red Bull GmbH Formula One teams, is satisfied with Max Verstappen's performance but stressed that things could have been much worse.

Marko believes that Verstappen was overconfident at one point. It could have cost him in the end. “Max himself also had two moments,” -Marko said, as quoted by gpfans.com “First he hit a bird. That didn’t end well for the bird in question, but luckily we didn’t suffer any damage in terms of cooling or anything like that.
The second is that he was a bit too overconfident about the kerbs.

I don’t know if he saw that on TV himself, as he often has with things."

Max Verstappen's qualities

Max Verstappen's qualities are something that Helmut Marko is very impressed with. There is a good chance that their dominance will continue for some time to come.

It is evident that other teams are working on their cars in order to compete with Red Bull. There is still a feeling that it is a difficult, almost impossible task to accomplish.
“That also shows how much thinking capacity he has left.

The overview he has is incredible. What’s on the moment itself, is actually already behind him, so that he can always look forward”.

Helmut Marko Max Verstappen