Martin Brundle on George Russell's influence on Hamilton's new contract

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Martin Brundle on George Russell's influence on Hamilton's new contract
Martin Brundle on George Russell's influence on Hamilton's new contract

Lewis Hamilton and his new contract are attracting a lot of attention. It is still not known whether Mercedes will be able to agree on all the details that are necessary to reach an agreement with Hamilton. Martin Brundle spoke to the media about Hamilton's contract and who could be the main 'factor' in the whole story; “It’ll be the detail,” -he said.

“I kind of feel its none of my business his contract in some respects, But of course, we ask the questions. Lewis transcends this sport in many ways and I'm sure there will be elements in his contract that reflect that in other things that he does, extracurricular to driving the car as it were."

George Russell

Brundle believes that George Russell, Hamilton's colleague, could be the man of decision regarding the new contract.

"Act in haste, repent at leisure. What’s the point? The current contract’s still in play and I’m sure they are just working through the detail. Mercedes have some cards to play, one of them will be George Russell.

Lewis will have some cards to pay, one of them will be an underperforming car and things he wants to do. I’m sure they are putting in place all sorts of milestones if you like for the future." Brundle believes that Hamilton will quickly reach an agreement with Red Bull.

"I can easily see another two to three years. He's easily strong enough, fit enough, mentally still fit enough, he's really got a spring in his step at the moment and enjoying his F1. It seems clear to me watching him in the press conferences and around the car.

The current drivers have been in such good shape for a long time that they don't tend to get broken legs or bumps on the head these days either thank goodness."

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