Max Verstappen Shrugs Off Superstition Ahead of Potential Historic Grand Prix Win


Max Verstappen Shrugs Off Superstition Ahead of Potential Historic Grand Prix Win
Max Verstappen Shrugs Off Superstition Ahead of Potential Historic Grand Prix Win

Max Verstappen, the gifted Dutch racing driver with Red Bull, has a chance to engrave a significant milestone in the annals of Formula 1 history at the Canadian Grand Prix. Verstappen stands on the brink of securing Red Bull’s 100th grand prix win, a remarkable feat that could cement the team’s legacy in the sport.

However, in a recent interview, Verstappen dismisses any looming pressure or superstitions that typically circle such monumental moments in sporting history.

Defying Superstitions and Focusing on Performance

Chatting with Sky Sports, Verstappen dismissed the often-hyped superstitions linked to such landmark events.

“I never think about those things,” he said with an air of calm confidence. “The same way you know when you change the livery of a car. I’m not superstitious, I really don’t care about those things”.

Verstappen displays a refreshing perspective that contrasts with many athletes' prevalent superstitions. For him, walking under a ladder or having a shoe on the table hold no eerie connotations. “I would probably do the opposite, I would walk under a ladder.

I really don’t care about these things," he quipped. His focus remains fixed on the essentials, honing his car's speed and ensuring peak performance. "So just keep it simple. Know what we have to work on and that’s trying to make the car very fast and I think we have been doing that so far this year."

A Winning Mindset and Steady Progress

Verstappen's equanimity extends beyond superstition to his outlook on competition.

When questioned about his rivals' inability to close the gap despite aggressive development strategies, he attributes Red Bull's advantage to their robust winter season and strong car. “From the other side, I don’t know from the teams why or how, because if we would know then they would know and they’d be faster, right," he said, hinting at the competitive secrecy integral to the sport's nature.

Verstappen emphasizes the continuous need for improvement, acknowledging the tireless efforts of rival teams in trying to catch up. "We can’t sit still, we’re always constantly trying to improve our car because we know that people are working really hard to try and catch us”.

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