Christian Horner reveals who is their biggest threat; It's not a Mercedes

Mercedes is improving its form, but Horner is afraid of another team

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner reveals who is their biggest threat; It's not a Mercedes

Red Bull is the most dominant team this season, and it seems that it will be like that until the very end. Many are already predicting that the Austrian team will lift the trophy again. Hardly anyone can match them in these moments.

Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull, commented in a recent interview about who is the biggest threat to them this season. Many were surprised when the Briton said that Aston Martin is a team that can spoil their plans.

“We have a lot less wind-tunnel time than you guys,” -Horner said, as quoted by “So we’re having to be very selective about how we use that time, and also thinking about next year as well – so it’s about finding that balance.

When you look at all that experience, you can see what Fernando’s brought to Aston Martin – which is still a young team."

Aston Martin team and its ambitions

Aston Martin is a team that has great ambitions this season, and also in the following seasons.

Their goal will be to match the greats. It is also interesting that there are many who were part of the Red Bull team and are now in the Aston Martin team. “There are lots of new guys there; they took a few guys from us.

For us, I think the team that we’re most keeping an eye on for the future is the Aston team – because you can see they have a strong energy”. Horner reacted to the reporter's question whether Mercedes will pose a danger to them in the future; "It was still 23 seconds behind at the end of the race.

They made a good step, but we've got some stuff in the pipeline”. This will be an interesting season until the very end. Can Aston Martin maintain consistency and surprise everyone?

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