Christian Horner is happy because Mercedes is still not even close to them

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Christian Horner is happy because Mercedes is still not even close to them
Christian Horner is happy because Mercedes is still not even close to them

Mercedes has been announcing changes and upgrades for a long time. However, the last race in Spain showed that they are still far from Red Bull, although progress has been noticed. Christian Horner emphasized that the Mercedes team has made progress.

He is aware of how hard Mercedes are trying to become a 'main' team. However, Horner can be happy that they are still not close to Red Bull. "For sure they’ve made a step,”- Horner said, as quoted by “They’ve introduced pretty much a B-spec car.

They must have used a significant proportion of their development budget on that. And when I look at the gap at the end of the race it’s very similar to where it was in Bahrain. All that’s happening is the running order behind us seems to vary from race to race.

Fernando [Alonso] last weekend, Mercedes this weekend and it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out over the next few races”.

Christian Horner on the cost cap

Red Bull will not be able to accomplish such a large amount of progress due to the cost cap of 2021.

Despite this, however, they remain dominant even if they are in this situation and nobody can threaten them in any way. “We’re strategically using the ATR because of course we have to balance it for this year and for next year with the development that is currently going on,” -Horner said.

“So the team are just doing an incredible job being extremely efficient. You can see we’ve very subtly developed the car since since Bahrain. We’ve seen others bring in significant upgrades now and the margin has remained pretty much the same from where it was in Bahrain.

That’s hugely encouraging to everybody in Milton Keynes, who is doing an outstanding job at the moment”.

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