Hamilton and Russell Praise Mick Schumacher's Simulator Wizardry


Hamilton and Russell Praise Mick Schumacher's Simulator Wizardry
Hamilton and Russell Praise Mick Schumacher's Simulator Wizardry

In the ruthless world of Formula 1, every millisecond counts. The key to capturing a podium finish often lies in the hands of those who aren't even on the race track. As confirmed by Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, their commendable Spanish Grand Prix result was significantly aided by none other than Mercedes reserve driver, Mick Schumacher.

The young talent's diligent simulator work before the race was the unsung hero behind their stunning performance.

Overnight Dedication and Technical Mastery

Hamilton, one of the most successful drivers in the history of the sport, didn't hold back his admiration for Schumacher's contribution.

He revealed, "Friday was a real struggle with the balance, it was way out of the window. It was very hard to drive, very unpredictable. And then we did some great work overnight." The triumphant British driver gave credit where it was due, attributing his successful Saturday to Schumacher's tireless dedication and deft touch on the simulator.

He further praised the synergy of the team, saying, "We've got a great team, with Mick back in the simulator on Friday night, and he did some great work, which helped us get on the right track on Saturday."

The Making of an Unforgettable Race Day

Hamilton fondly recalled the race, sharing that his vehicle felt better than ever around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

He said, "It probably felt the best it's ever felt around Barcelona because of the cooler conditions." Highlighting the current season, he added, "Definitely this season, it is probably the best it's felt, the most together it's felt." Hamilton's sentiment was echoed by George Russell, who emphasized the importance of the work put in by Mick Schumacher and the simulator team.

Their extended hours were instrumental in fine-tuning the Mercedes car's setup to perfection. He stated, "The team's done a really, really great job. The work that Mick and the simulator team are doing overnight, they were there well past midnight to help us with the set-up and get it in a good window for the race today." Looking towards the future, Hamilton and Russell are confident in the team's ability to continue evolving.

Hamilton optimistically concluded, "So, we are making strides in the right direction. We just need to make sure, especially into next year, that we hit the ground running because I think we as a team probably develop faster than anybody else."

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