Shakira in Barcelona for Lewis Hamilton: is a new couple born?

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Shakira in Barcelona for Lewis Hamilton: is a new couple born?
Shakira in Barcelona for Lewis Hamilton: is a new couple born?

Shakira has returned to Barcelona, to attend the Catalan GP and, above all, to be close to her new alleged love, the seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton. Shakira was present in the Barcelona paddock, making the rumors that have been chasing each other for weeks more and more concrete.

The two had already been caught recently at dinner in Miami. Shakira has only been out of a long relationship with former Barcelona soccer star Gerard Piqué for a few months. In 2022 the couple separates due to a betrayal by Piqué.

In September 2022 she is investigated by Spanish magistrates for tax evasion, thus risking eight years in prison and a millionaire fine.

Shakira and the revenge song against Piqué

After the Shakira's revenge song went viral on social media, Piqué wrote a message on Twitter.

The former Barcelona defender has announced that tomorrow there will be a match for the Kings League, the 7-a-side soccer championship that he recently launched, and added: "Life is a wonderful thing", complete with an emoticon of a clown.

An emoticon most likely referring to Shakira, with whom he did not maintain a good relationship after her separation despite having two children in common, Milan and Sasha, who are now nine and six years old respectively.

The couple, born in 2011 and with whom two children were born, announced their separation last June. Piqué instead left football last November. Just in June, in fact, the news of an alleged betrayal by the former footballer, consummated with the 22-year-old Clara Chìa Martì, was made public.

The two soon embarked on an official relationship. The Colombian popstar said during an interview to Las Estrellas tv "I think I would be somewhere else if there hadn't been that song. I embraced the idea that a woman needs a man to complete herself, a family.

I too had that dream. Not all dreams come true, but life finds a way to make up for it. Now I feel complete because I feel that I depend on myself and I also have two children who depend on me, so I must be stronger than a lioness." Also in Las estrellas Shakira said: "There is a place reserved in hell for those women who do not support other women." It is a phrase by Madeleine Albright, the first woman secretary of state of the United States.

"You swapped a Ferrari for a Twingo, a Rolex for a Casio," were the words Shakira used to refer to her ex and her new girlfriend in her new song. Song followed by other songs that complete her revenge.

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