Max Verstappen on how 'hitting the wall' helped him to win


Max Verstappen on how 'hitting the wall' helped him to win
Max Verstappen on how 'hitting the wall' helped him to win

After winning the Monaco GP on Sunday, Max Verstappen came to the podium for the fourth time this season. The Dutchman was overjoyed after the victory, but his statement that hitting the wall in the rain at Portier played a significant role in helping him win was particularly interesting.

"I locked the rears and I couldn't get out of it, so it's just trying to control it with a bit of drifting," -Verstappen explains, as quoted by "Luckily the wall in a way stopped it from sliding even more."

Rain problems

The rain obviously ruined everyone's plans, including Max.

They had to change their strategy. A big challenge lay ahead of them, and they weren't sure if they would succeed. However, the quality of this young Dutchman has resurfaced as it has countless times this season. Max showed what a talent he is once again.

Red Bull really has a great chance of winning a new, third consecutive title in the end. Hardly anyone can stop them at this moment. "First of all because of the chance of rain we couldn't do the strategy we wanted to do, we had to stay out almost double the amount of laps we'd have liked on the medium.

That was a big challenge because I had to go through that graining phase and then the tyres started to pick up again. That's what I really needed as we planned for like 30 laps and I did 55. It was not the easiest and also balance from left to right was very different.

Then it started to rain and on very worn tyres it was very difficult, I clipped a few barriers - I just had no grip. Even on the intermediates it was super slippery and it took a few laps to feel comfortable."

The Dutchman manages to achieve victories regardless of the obstacles in front of him. He is eager for a third title and confirmation that he is truly the best once again.

Max Verstappen