Lewis Hamilton supported Vinicius Jr after racist insults

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Lewis Hamilton supported Vinicius Jr after racist insults
Lewis Hamilton supported Vinicius Jr after racist insults

Vinicius Jr has been the main topic for several days. Namely, this Brazilian football player was racially insulted during the match between Valencia and Real Madrid. Valencia fans had racist chants. This caused real anger from Vinicius Jr, as well as all true sports fans.

Vinicius then asked the officials of Spanish football to do everything to stop this kind of thing. The famous F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, defended Vinicius Jr and expressed his respect for this football player. ‘It’s devastating to think that in 2023 we’re still seeing these things and hearing these things.

It really hits home for me,’- Hamilton said, as quoted by METRO.

Lewis Hamilton is angry

Hamilton is angry that despite 2023 being the year, some people are still doing terrible things. Hamilton himself had similar experiences, which were not pleasant.

‘It really brings up emotions about things that I experienced, whether it’s back in the UK or whether it was when I was racing in Italy or in France or in Spain. It can be so hurtful the things that people say.

Firstly, he’s [Vinicius] been incredibly brave. It is amazing what so many of these athletes that are experiencing that on the pitch are doing in terms of standing tall, standing strong and continuing to be humble and not being reactive but being responsible." In the past few years, more and more work has been done to develop an awareness of the equality of all.

However, despite all the campaigns, some people still cannot destroy the 'evil' in themselves. We hope that we will see as few scenes like this as possible, not only on sports fields but in general in everyday life. ‘There is no room for discrimination in society today.

Sports need to do more, we all need to continue to do more. If we see it, and hear it, we need to do something about it.’

Lewis Hamilton

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