Toto Wolff: In this sport, we tend to be manic depressive

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Toto Wolff: In this sport, we tend to be manic depressive
Toto Wolff: In this sport, we tend to be manic depressive (Provided by Sport World News)

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff has responded to criticism that F1 receives for its 'lack of excitement' Red Bull is the dominant team this season and no one can stand in their way. This season is totally different from the previous ones.

There is a decline in overtaking, but there are still some things that would have to be changed, and this all causes concern. Toto Wolff emphasized how stressful F1 is and what kind of things it brings with it. "In this sport, we tend to be manic depressive, from exuberance to depression.

When things are going well, then it's great, then we have a race that’s not so great and obviously then we talk about it."- he said, as quoted by Wolff believes that the context of many things has been changed.

He refers to some other problems and reasons for them. "Many things have been taken out of context though, to create headlines. And I think we just need to see whether we have a pattern that continues: whether overtaking is more difficult or not? Are the 20 cars in a second? Is that the right thing to do to have or not? And are we creating too much downforce through the floor?"

Toto Wolff: We need to find a baseline

Wolff himself does not have an answer to some questions, and believes that they have to work on many things.

"All that for me hasn't got the right answer, so we need to find a baseline over the next few races, see whether there's something which we can improve." Mercedes will have to change a few things this season if they want to be at the very top.

According to many, Red Bull has already decided the season. Their dominance does not seem to stop, and it is difficult to see who could spoil their plans in the future.

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