Christian Horner is considering a new driver

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Christian Horner is considering a new driver

Alexander Albon is still living in great uncertainty whether he will drive for Red Bull in Formula 1 next year, and his very poor performance at the Portuguese Grand Prix has further damaged his status. Although he was a very good fifth in the qualifiers, the Thai finished the race outside the circle of points winners, in 12th place.

Various speculations regarding Albon's stay or departure from Red Bull have been going on for weeks now. Christian Horner said last week that everyone on the team wants Albon to grab that spot for next season with his runs, and if that doesn't happen, it's certain that the Red Bull driver would be looking outside his "backyard" and the favorite should be Nico Hülkenberg.

"The reality is that there are not many races left until the end of the season. There comes a part of the year when we have to think about next season, and I think we will have to make a decision in the next few weeks."

The situation will be very difficult because the competition is great. They will have to think carefully about who to choose and who could be their champion maybe in the coming years "We have to look at all the options.

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t follow the situation in F1. There are currently drivers who possess significant experience and skill, and who could be free. It's a very unusual situation, "says Horner.


Asked if, for example, Hülkenberg, who is currently free, has a chance to get a chance in a Red Bull car before the end of this season, Horner said: “We are dedicated to Alex for this season. As I said, everyone on the team wants him to prove that the place for next season belongs to him.

He’s a great guy and we believe he has talent." "He’s only in his second season at F1, and it’s hard. On the mental side, it’s hard to drive against Max. He has already shown that he can return, and I really hope that he will recover in Imola from this difficult weekend here.

" Horner doesn't worry that Red Bull could miss the opportunity to hire one of the free drivers, like Hülkenberg or Perez. Clearly, they are currently looking for their place in Formula 1 at all addresses where driver lineups have not yet been confirmed.

"I think any of these drivers would see Red Bull as a priority over any other seat, so I think they would be willing to wait until they see what the decision will be."