Christian Horner: Our success pi**** off big manufacturers


Christian Horner: Our success pi**** off big manufacturers

Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull, commented on his team's progress as well as their dominance this season. There is every chance that Red Bull will win the title again, and succeed in its goal for the third year in a row.

Many did not expect such things when Red Bull came to the F1 scene, but Horner and the team showed unity, strength. After all, the results had to come. Lewis Hamilton's statement 12 years ago, in which he emphasized that Red Bull is 'not a manufacturer, they are a drinks company', provoked the leaders of Red Bull at the time.

However, no one forgot it. It seems as if Horner, speaking to the Financial Times about criticism of Red Bull, referred to Hamilton's statement. “I think it pisses them off, to be honest,” -Horner said, as quoted by “If you are an OEM and you’re being beaten up by a bunch of people from a fizzy drinks can."

Christian Horner: Anything is possible

Christian Horner emphasized that when you have the right team and the right people behind you, then nothing is impossible.

Red Bill showed patience and faith. “Sometimes it sits a little uncomfortably but it just shows that if you get the right people together, the right tools, the right belief. Anything is possible. We’ve done it on the chassis side so we thought why not do it on the engine side as well”.

In this season's Formula One championship, their two drivers, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, have been dominant. There is a good chance that one of them will become the new champion. Due to the fact that both Red Bull drivers are currently leading the way in the current season, Red Bull is looking forward to things like this.

It is a long season and we don't want to make predictions in advance as we don't want to ruin any surprises. Let's wait for the end of the story to find out what will actually happen and how it all ends.

Christian Horner