Toto Wolff Slams Mercedes Car Performance: "Lack of Understanding"

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Toto Wolff Slams Mercedes Car Performance: "Lack of Understanding"
Toto Wolff Slams Mercedes Car Performance: "Lack of Understanding" (Provided by Sport World News)

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff had harsh words for his team's car following Lewis Hamilton's 13th place qualification for the Miami Grand Prix. The Austrian, who expressed disappointment with the performance of the car, called it "a nasty piece of work."

Performance Woes Plague Mercedes Team

In an interview with journalists, Wolff stated, "I take no enjoyment from finishing sixth, because probably sixth should have been eighth or seventh, and even if it was fifth, I would take no enjoyment.

It's more about the lack of comprehension of what it is that makes this car such a nasty piece of work." He added, "The basic performance of the car, the lack of understanding of the car is through the whole span of activities on this track.

The performance is just really bad."

Hamilton Blames Late Tyre Preparation

Hamilton, on the other hand, attributed his poor performance to being sent onto the track too late to properly prepare his tires. "We've generally struggled to have the true pace to get into Q3 today, maybe on the cusp of not getting in, then right at the end we went out too late.

I was at the back of maybe seven cars and started the lap with just not enough temperature in the tyres," said Hamilton.

Wolff Optimistic About Upgrades

Wolff, however, is hopeful about the upcoming upgrades for the car. "I don't believe in miracles, but I think the stability of the car and the predictability is just subpar," he said. "If you can sort that out, helped by a front suspension redesign, then that is definitely a good avenue, and as you say this can be more than a tenth or two of lap time than the aerodynamic package brings, and this is simply because we will have much more drivability and pace." Wolff added, "We are also looking at bodywork solutions that are more conventional than others, and that will create a different airflow.

So for me, that is almost like a reset with what would have been a good start 12 months ago and then try to add performance. But the moment it is just a lack of understanding." The Mercedes team has their work cut out for them as they aim to improve their car's performance for the upcoming Miami Grand Prix.

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