Lewis Hamilton after practice in Miami: It's just a kick in the gut

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Lewis Hamilton after practice in Miami: It's just a kick in the gut
Lewis Hamilton after practice in Miami: It's just a kick in the gut (Provided by Sport World News)

Practice in Miami was once again a disappointing for Mercedes. It looks like there is no way they can fix things and make this season better. Lewis Hamilton showed his frustration again. He is aware that there are positive things, but it seems that the negative ones attract his attention more.

“The same as every weekend, that we’re a second down,” he said, as quoted by crash.net “It’s a great weekend, it’s a great place to be. There’s lots of positives. It’s just we’re not particularly quick and it’s a struggle out there.

We’re trying lots of different things. P1 looked quite good and then in P2, the true pace came out and it’s just a kick in the gut. It’s a little bit tough to take sometimes but it’s okay, we’ll just keep on working on it.

We’ll regroup tonight and see if we can make some setup changes and get the car in a sweeter spot”. Lewis tries to be optimistic despite everything that is happening.
“There isn’t just one thing.

I’m trying to stay positive with it. We’re working as hard as we can it’s just we desperately need those upgrades, that’s for sure. Just got to keep our head down for one more race and hopefully we’ll start a new path at the next race”.

George Russell on his team

George Russell shares a similar opinion as Hamilton. He is aware that things repeat themselves week after week. It is hard to believe in yourself and your team when you are greeted by the same things again.

“This is a team of winners, everyone here wants to win and anything less is of course frustrating. Week after week we know the journey we’re on at the moment. Still trying to understand, still trying to grasp how to find a lot more performance to at least get us best of the rest.

When we have sessions when we’re not in that position of course it’s frustrating - we always want more but that’s the same for 19 out of 20 drivers on the grid. There’s only one person happy on a Saturday, one person happy on a Sunday and that’s the one who finishes first”.

Lewis Hamilton