George Russell reacts after Max Verstappen called him a d***head


George Russell reacts after Max Verstappen called him a d***head

Max Verstappen and George Russell had a fierce clash in Baku. At one point during the race, the Dutchman called Russell a d***head. Before the new race, George Russell reacted to Verstappen's reaction and is not satisfied with the Dutchman's behavior.

Russell stressed that if you do the 'dirty' thing on the track, you can expect someone to do the same. “It was all a little bit pathetic. Something you learn as a kid is that if you’re going to give something, you’ve got to be willing to take it as well.

He’s had his fair share of giving moves like that and being tough and hard at racing. It’s a little bit poor to see how he sort of spat his dummy out when it was the first time he probably got something back in the same regard.

"- Russell said, as quoted by

George Russell and his reaction

Russell had nothing more to say. He is already focused on the next challenges and does not want to pay too much attention to what happened. Mercedes is trying to make progress in the strong competition this season.

“From my side there was nothing really to say. I thought it was good racing, exciting racing. That’s the only thing that happened that weekend, it was pretty boring otherwise! We’re both drivers, we’ve been in the sport a long time now and we have plenty of experience.

We’ll have a chat and move on. And I guess we’ll laugh about it one day”. Max Verstappen also responded to criticism for his reaction. It seems that his reaction is completely natural and that he does not regret it.

“You know, I'm just saying what I think and keep doing that,”- Verstappen said, as quoted by De Telegraaf. “If people have problems with that, that's their problem. Right?”

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