Who are the biggest winners of this year’s GP of Portugal?

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Who are the biggest winners of this year’s GP of Portugal?

This year’s GP Portugal was very good for some drivers who showed how great they are and how much they can. We will present a couple of them to whom the GP of Portugal has given a lot Lewis Hamilton - what will no doubt be remembered for Hamilton's victory at the Portuguese GP will of course be that with this 92nd triumph in his career the Briton officially became the driver with the most victories in the history of Formula 1.

We would say finally, of course not because the statistical clash of the two greats of this sport is possibly favoring Hamilton already because by doing so we have already left the somewhat annoying questions of whether, when, and where to break Michael’s record now somewhere aside.

Of course, we do not relativize this great result and achievement, not even by chance, but I believe that this victory made it a little easier for Lewis himself and the people from Mercedes. Lewis race? We would say, another day in the office with only minor difficulties in the early stages of the race which were relatively quickly put in order for another more or less routine victory.

Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez - Perez's 2020 season can be briefly described as turbulent, and a bit chaotic. Why is that so? There are several reasons. For starters, there’s a bit of unexpected spotlight at the start of the season aimed at the Perez, Stroll and pink Mercedes that’s been talked about for weeks, then there’s the infection with the unfortunate COVID-19 virus and the missing two races.

If that wasn't enough, as an additional icing on the cake came the dismissal of the team whose longtime member he is, which, as expected, started daily speculations about his future. Some rather strange and chaotic races, as it certainly was this Sunday, fit into that story.

Namely, although he achieved an excellent result in the qualifications, Checko fell to the very back after the contact with Verstappen in the introductory part of the race. If it had to happen maybe it’s better that it happened right at the start because Perez had time to recover and breakthrough all the way to a great fifth place he lost literally in the last two laps.

He drove wisely, quickly, and consistently with the already proverbial keeping of tires and, unlike his teammate, overtook wisely and smartly, which raised his already high reputation among team bosses who are looking for solutions for 2021.

Charles Leclerc - Monegascan's performance at the Portuguese GP from qualifying to the end of the race remained somewhat in the shadows because due to the fight between Hamilton and Bottas in Q3 and a series of events in the race, the Ferrari driver simply did not come to the fore and it's a shame.

The reason for this is probably that Charles drove a good part of the race in a kind of vacuum, too far from the leading trio, and at a quiet distance from the competitors behind him. Still, I believe that neither Leclerc nor Binotto and the team will regret too much about the lack of minutes in the transfer when they add up the points at the end of the day and look at the result.

With the atomic lap in the qualifiers and a very good result in the Ferrari race (better said Leclerc), he started to give some such signs of life, so it remains to be seen if he will end this tone in general, looking at the unsuccessful season.

Pierre Gasly - when the young Frenchman was forced to move from the first team to the reserve squad, many predicted that Pierre Gasly's career would stagnate or even go downhill. Still, deprived of the pressures that the top team certainly carries with it, Gasly underwent a total reset in Toro Ross or AlphaTauri (in a positive sense, of course) and became one of the main stories this season when it comes to results.

O One such performance was made in Portugal when, after a solid but not overly promising starting position (ninth place), he drove a great race. Excellent tire management proved to be perhaps the key move for ultimately another very respectable result, which the placement in front of the favored McLaren, Racing Point, and Renault is undoubted.