Anthony Davidson: It’s time for Sergio Perez to stop being ‘Mr Nice Guy’


Anthony Davidson: It’s time for Sergio Perez to stop being ‘Mr Nice Guy’
Anthony Davidson: It’s time for Sergio Perez to stop being ‘Mr Nice Guy’

Sergio Perez is known as one of the most tolerant drivers in F1. His calmness, energy and charisma amaze many. Perez is very good this season and is in the fight for the title. It seems that there will be a decisive race between him and his teammate, Max Verstappen.

Both want the title, and an interesting season awaits us. Anthony Davidson commented on the great performances of the Mexican this season and revealed that he will have a tough challenge until the very end. “I think he realises that he’s come to this crossroads now this season already,” Davidson said, as quoted by “It’s hit him pretty hard in that he’s got the car to do it.

This new car from Red Bull seems to suit his style better. He’s getting more in bed with the team and in bed with how the car feels. It only takes a few tweaks here and there, season-to-season for a driver to find their niche, their sweet spot in how they can get the most out of the car to extrapolate all of that performance.

I think he knows he’s there. Sure, there are circuits to come later this year - your Zandvoorts, your Interlagos’, the Silverstone’s, the Suzuka’s - where Max is going to shine. We all know it, and he [Perez] knows it too."

Anthony Davidson: Sergio needs to stop being 'Mr Nice Guy'

Davidson believes that now is the ideal time for Perez to stop being so 'nice' and that it is finally time for him to show his true side and fight for the title he is missing.

Many things are going in his favor this season, and we'll see if he can really get the coveted title. “So what do you do? You’ve got to be more Rosberg 2016. That’s what you’ve got to do. I was always told from team bosses that I was too nice.

I think they were right. That’s what made me a much better sportscar driver, I was more of a team player.
I think now it’s time for Sergio to stop being ‘Mr Nice Guy’. He’s got to take a leaf out of Rosberg 2016 and maybe, as much as it might hurt, to be the guy that he doesn’t want really to be”.

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