Famous F1 engineer: Max Verstappen's dominance isn't good, but he can't be blamed

“His dominance is actually not good for the sport"

by Sead Dedovic
Famous F1 engineer: Max Verstappen's dominance isn't good, but he can't be blamed

Kees van de Grint, Dutch engineer, and the former head of Bridgestone's Competition Department, commented on the current dominance of Max Verstappen, who really looks unstoppable and way ahead of everyone. Most criticize F1 for that and think they have to change some things.

Van de Grint gave his view of the situation: “It is, of course, monotonous, I did not expect otherwise, but Max Verstappen is the big winner,” Van de Grint said for motorsport.com, as quoted by planetf1.com “His dominance is actually not good for the sport, but you can’t blame him, you have to blame the rest of it”.

Van de Grint emphasized last year that he would like to see a more equal situation on the F1 scene. He confirmed that he still thinks so. However, it seems that now the difference is even bigger than before. Max Verstappen is already the main favorite for the majority and many expect him to win the title in the end.

“[My statements] still stand,” he said. “And, unfortunately, they have become true. I give it to Verstappen to win all the races, but I am also a fan of the sport and would prefer to see some battle, not that we already know that halfway through the season that he is the World Champion.

What I give him, that’s not the point, but we also just want to see motorsport. I would have hoped differently, but as it looks now… He also gets better, helped by the good car he has. What I have said still says: he has no resistance”.

Max Verstappen believes in himself

Max Verstappen seems to be getting better with experience. However, in addition to his experience, his talent is really something special. Max is full of confidence and believes in himself.

“He is so relaxed and going very fast,” he said. “The peace that comes from it, which makes him think if things go wrong: ‘I’ll get there’. His overtaking race [in Saudi Arabia] was also something.

Normally he might be a bit more rushed, but now he just thought: ‘I’ll get there, we still have so many laps to go so we can do it.’ Of course, we also knew that with this car, especially with the DRS system, he can overtake very easily”.

Max Verstappen