Bottas thinks it was too early to change the tires

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Bottas thinks it was too early to change the tires

Valtteri Bottas had a great start to the race for the GP of Portugal. He overtook teammate Lewis Hamilton at the start, but both were overtaken by Carlos Sainz. It didn't take him long to overtake the Spaniard. But he lost that position to Hamilton after a few laps and was unable to get even closer to the Briton.

After Hamilton changed his tires in the 40th lap, Bottas asked for soft tires on his tire change, but he still got the same hard tires as Hamilton when he changed his tires. In the end, Valtteri admitted that it was too early for soft tires after all, but it is certainly a lesson for him and he will be much more ready next time “I think we had to go get new tires too soon.

I think the team could see, and I could feel, the vibrations on the set of medium-soft tires, which meant the tires were running low." "At that point going for soft tires would not be good, you would have to do too many laps on them and it would be too risky.

That's why we went to safety and decided to collect the maximum number of points." “I don’t think tire consumption was a problem in the race, we had more speed issues,” Valtteri said.

Bottas 77 points behind Hamilton

Bottas is now 77 points behind Hamilton in the driver standings.

He admitted he had no answer to Lewis ’speed in the race after Lewis took the lead. Weather is a factor that can affect drivers and a wet road can be very dangerous, and Formula 1 drivers know this best. Due to the weather conditions, the style and manner of the race are changing, and the driver must be much more careful.

This time, Bottas was also affected by such conditions that prevented him from achieving a much better result “The start was nice. It was rainy at first so it was slippery, especially on medium-soft tires while on soft ones there were no problems.

We lost a lot of time in those conditions. " “I enjoyed that part of the race, somehow it was my highlight in the race. After that, I couldn't keep up with Lewis' pace, "Bottas concluded There are many races ahead of Bottas and he will surely be among the first three places many more times, but certainly, his goal will be exclusively the first place. For now, Bottas has a great career and great results, so we doubt that he will not continue like that in the future.