Ferrari Driver Carlos Sainz's Penalty Upholds: FIA Rejects Appeal

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Ferrari Driver Carlos Sainz's Penalty Upholds: FIA Rejects Appeal
Ferrari Driver Carlos Sainz's Penalty Upholds: FIA Rejects Appeal (Provided by Sport World News)

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has announced that the penalty imposed on Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz during the recent Australian Grand Prix will not be overturned. The FIA rejected an appeal from Ferrari against the five-second penalty that cost Sainz fourth place in the race.

Ferrari's Appeal Rejected by FIA

The penalty was imposed after Sainz hit the Aston Martin car in which Fernando Alonso was driving, following a restart. The race was then finished under the safety car, which resulted in Sainz being relegated to 12th position and without points.

In a statement, the FIA announced that the panel of judges, including former Formula One (F1) driver Enrique Bernoldi, had ruled that there were "no significant and relevant new elements" in the evidence presented by Ferrari.

This evidence included telemetry from Sainz's car, his statement, and comments from other drivers from interviews, all of which Ferrari had argued were proof of poor grip on cold tires and obstructions to Sainz's vision from the sun.

No Justification for Penalty Avoidance

The FIA stated that they had already viewed the extensive telemetry before making their decision and did not consider it necessary to hear from Sainz himself to determine that he was solely responsible for the incident.

The judges added that the comments from other drivers were "not significant or relevant". In response to the decision, Ferrari released a statement expressing their disappointment, saying that they had believed they had provided sufficient evidence for the FIA to re-examine the decision.

Disappointed Sainz Calls for Discussions on Decision-Making Consistency

Writing on his Instagram page after the announcement, a disappointed Sainz accepted the decision but called for discussions about inconsistencies in decision-making in the sport.

He stated that the penalty was "too disproportionate" and that the consistency and decision-making process has been a hot topic for many seasons and needs to be clearer for the sake of the sport. Despite this setback, Sainz is now fully focused on the next race in Baku.

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