Lewis Hamilton wins in Portugal!

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Lewis Hamilton wins in Portugal!

The best driver of today, the current king of Formula 1 this season, is practically unstoppable. Neither the bad weather in Portimao, the truth is not too bad, nor the constant threat of competition, nor the eternal pursuit of records could do him anything this race weekend.

Again, Lewis Hamilton was the fastest and again he was the first to cross the finish line. This today's victory at the Grand Prix of Portugal will remain forever etched for him, as he reached an incredible number of 92 triumphs in the fastest circus (71 with Mercedes), which surpassed and, until a few seasons ago, seemed an elusive record of Michael Schumacher.

He showed again that he may be the best ever. Titles and trophies speak for themselves. Lewis Hamilton writes the history of the sport from race to race and seems not to intend to stop. Even if he continues to drive in the silver arrows of Mercedes (this season with black arrows, due to Hamilton's fight against racial inequality), there is no doubt that he will continue to break and win records.

"Thank you to everyone here in the team and in the factory, for constantly pushing from year to year. It's a privilege to work to inspire them all. It was hard today, they said it would rain, but I was wrong on the seventh turn.

I didn't panic" " I expected to come back. I couldn't dream of experiencing something like this, but here I am and trying to live the best I can every day. Blessed is this day. "


The rain, which started to fall more decisively in the first round, caused a lot of interesting situations, fortunately without major problems or accidents.

Lewis Hamilton was in one of them. The Briton managed to win the pole position yesterday and quickly fell to third place after one mistake. Carlos Sainz Jr. and Walter Botas took advantage of that, but not for long. As the race went on and downhill, everything fell into place and Hamilton found himself at the helm again, which is without major problems, really with a masterful ride.

His teammate, the Finn Valtteri Botas, had to settle for second place again, while the Dutchman Max Verstappen from Red Bull climbed the lowest step on the winning podium. Hamilton once again showed that he is one of the greatest in Formula 1 and that he justified everything that was expected of him. It seems that his dominance will not stop soon and that others will have to work hard to surpass Hamilton.