Valteri Bottas: I’m a little worried. Not where it should be

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Valteri Bottas: I’m a little worried. Not where it should be
Valteri Bottas: I’m a little worried. Not where it should be (Provided by Sport World News)

There is no doubt that Valtteri Bottas is not satisfied with the start of the season, considering that he has not shown his full potential after three races. In spite of the fact that Bottas is aware that he is capable of much more, there are many factors affecting his performance.

In the aftermath of the race in Australia, the Finn was particularly angry, as he felt that he was not up to the challenge. There still exists a lot of room for improvement for his team, and he believes that they will have to work on improving it in the near future.

“It was difficult to understand the overall picture of where we are going,” Bottas said after Australia. “It felt a little better, but hardly all the problems have been solved. I’m a little worried.

Not where it should be. The mood is completely different than it was in Bahrain. ”- Bottas continued, as quoted by

Ossi Oikarinen on Valteri Bottas

Ex-F1 engineer Ossi Oikarinen supported Bottas and his concerns.

The fact that there hasn't been any progress is also causing Oikarinen to be concerned. There's no way to expect to achieve a good result if you keep repeating the same thing over and over again. “That’s not acceptable,” Oikarinen said.

As Valtteri himself said, at this point you have to be worried. If you change the settings of the car well before the race and test the new one, and it still doesn’t work, then there is a fundamental fault somewhere." It will be up to Bottas' team to carefully consider what would be the best course of action.

Things like this cannot be acceptable. Bottas must have what it takes if they want to be competitive. “It is necessary to sit down with the team and think about what to do. Such a race is not acceptable for Valtteri or the team. You have to press the reset button”.

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