McLaren drivers had a bad day

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McLaren drivers had a bad day

McLaren drivers won seventh and eighth place in qualifying for the Portuguese Grand Prix. Only Mercedes, Red Bull and McLaren had two drivers each in the final qualifying round, but Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz were not in a very good mood.

In fact, it was as if they were surprised by their results. The race was not great and neither Sainz nor Norris are happy with it. The main problem seems to have been the trail but also the weather conditions that were. “We are relatively competitive, I guess, given the difficulties we have and how inconvenient it is to connect the right circle on the track.

I’m surprised we’re seventh and eighth, but I think we got the best out of one bad day. Or a difficult day and difficult conditions ", commented Norris after the qualifications. “This is probably the closest we have come to Mercedes and the leaders after a long time.

That’s why I think we’re competitive, and everyone struggles for whatever reason. On this track it is very difficult to connect the right circle and find a good balance." "While the feeling in the ride is awful, we are good at that awful ride.

A little weird. We cannot explain that, nor say what the reason is. We have good speed, we just have to keep the others behind. ”

Carlos Sainz on race

Carlos Sainz was of a similar opinion, and also commented on the use of upgrades that McLaren has recently started using on its cars.

Still, there are some things they can be happy with “We were fast all weekend, except in sessions that were very windy, like Q3 or FP2. Upgrades - some were on the Land car yesterday and that seemed good, but today we used almost the base car without many upgrades on it, so we want to wait a few races or another race and then really analyze everything before we change the car.

We want to be sure what needs to be done to make it faster. ” "Good job of our team, better weekend this time. At least we are ahead of Renault, but we were beaten by one Racing Point because of the conditions on the track ", said the Spaniard.

Sergio Perez will start from fifth place for Racing Point. His teammate Lance Stroll is only 12th, while Daniel Ricciardo and Esteban Ocon are positioned in front of him in black and yellow cars.