Nelson Piquet fined for racist remarks against Hamilton!

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Nelson Piquet fined for racist remarks against Hamilton!
Nelson Piquet fined for racist remarks against Hamilton! (Provided by Sport World News)

Nelson Piquet fined for racist remarks against Hamilton! The former F1 star has been sentenced in the first instance to pay almost $900,000 in damages for racist and homophobic comments against seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

The sentence was issued by the Civil Court of Brasilia. The action was brought by the National LGBTI Alliance, the Brazilian Association of Homose*ual Families, the Santo Dias Center for Human Rights of the Archdiocese of SP and Francisco de Assis: Education, Citizenship and Human Rights.

Among the terms used, Piquet repeatedly referred to Hamilton as a little nigger, also criticizing Keke and Nico Rosberg. After the repercussions linked to his sentences, Piquet defended himself by explaining that his words were misinterpreted.

The three-time F1 champion was then banned from the top-speed Circus paddock area, while all the major F1 teams expressed their support for Hamilton after Piquet's words. For his part, the British Mercedes driver used his social networks to reiterate that it is time for society to overcome these obsolete visions.

Judge Pedro Matos de Arruda said that the amount of compensation should be seen not only in its remedial function of civil liability, but also, and perhaps above all, in a punitive function, precisely because as a society, one day we can be free from pernicious acts of racism and homophobia.

The phrases of the former Brazilian F1 driver were released in an online interview in November 2021 and published by the Grand Prix portal in June of the following year. Meanwhile, on the eve of the Formula 1 weekend scheduled in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Charles Leclerc wanted to shut down market rumors regarding an alleged exchange between Ferrari and Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton.

The Ferrari driver said: "Rumors of an exchange with Hamilton between Ferrari and Mercedes? It's the first time I've heard all these market rumors, maybe it's someone who wants to destabilize us. I'm staying here and I want to go back to winning with this team: I love Ferrari.

The penalty? I want to recover for my merits and overtaking, not for a Safety Car or anything like that. It will be an uphill race, but I like this challenge."