Toto Wolff on the key problem of Lewis Hamilton's car

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Toto Wolff on the key problem of Lewis Hamilton's car
Toto Wolff on the key problem of Lewis Hamilton's car (Provided by Sport World News)

Lewis Hamilton is worried about this season, which is best shown by his statement after qualifying in Jeddah. “I just don’t feel the car underneath me,” -Hamilton told Sky Sports. “I just don’t feel connected to this car, and I can’t get it.

So I don’t really know what I’m going to do about that. It’s tough, I’m giving it absolutely everything”. Toto Wolff made a comparison between Russell and Hamilton. The Austrian believes that both must have confidence in the car.

Only then can progress and a certain range be expected.
“They are different drivers and need a car with a certain handling in order to be able to drive fast,” the motorsport boss explained as per F1-Insider. At no point this season has Lewis felt the kind of feedback from the car that allows him to really push himself to the limit.

If you have a car that you don’t trust, then you can’t push in the corners. That’s what we saw in qualifying. George can drive around it better and has more confidence in the car”.

Lewis Hamilton complaints about the car

Lewis Hamilton has a huge number of complaints about the car.

He is unable to show his full potential with what he has available. “It’s up to us to give both of them a car that they can drive to the front.
We have a fundamental issue he’s not happy with, and that is linked to the way he feels the rear end of the car.

And that’s not something that can be cured quickly. But the drivers are the most important sensors in the car and if they tell us that’s what they feel, we need to consider that”. The rear end is obviously the biggest problem for Lewis.

“We’re a long way down on downforce. So we’ve got to pick up the rear end downforce particularly. The more rear we gain, the more stable the rear becomes, and the more confident I’ll be able to attack."

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