Lewis Hamilton compared the car with last year's: It's pretty much the same

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Lewis Hamilton compared the car with last year's: It's pretty much the same

This year's Mercedes W14, by all accounts, disappointed Hamilton, who is hardly optimistic about this season. After practice for the Saudi Arabian GP, Lewis Hamilton compared the car from last season with this one now. “It’s pretty much the same,” Hamilton said, as quoted by crash.net “We just continue going into the details to improve the balance of the car, to make it easier to drive.

It is a tough car to drive. It’s a matter of time”.
George Russell emphasized that his team is learning new things. It seems that they will need some time. However, they must hurry if they want to be competitive for the top of the table.

“I don’t know what power everyone was running. Red Bull were out in front. We’re learning things which will help in the short and medium term. You have to maximise the package that you’ve got. Get the setup in a the sweet spot.

We’re not going to find a second overnight, as much as I’d love that”.

George Russell on his team

Russell is aware that his team must go in a different direction. Small details can make some difference, but so much more will be needed.

It is obvious that they are working hard, but they also know what challenge lies ahead. “We need to continue to understand and recognise, is the new direction that we’re taking the correct one?,” he said.

“That’s for the guys at the factory to unpick. For me this weekend, you just maximise what you’ve got. Small changes this weekend, close to what we had in Bahrain. We had small items on the car for FP2 but this is just short term”.

There is no doubt that Mercedes does not look like the team we are used to, but in the future, we will not rule out another option.

Lewis Hamilton