Valteri Bottas fastest again in the second training session in Portugal

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Valteri Bottas fastest again in the second training session in Portugal

The second free practice for the Portuguese GP at the Algarve track has also been completed. In training, which was marked by two red flags (one due to the burning car of Pierre Gasly, and the other due to the incident between Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen), the fastest was Valtteri Bottas in a Mercedes ahead of Max Verstappen in Red Bull.

Behind them were Ferrari and McLaren drivers - third was Lando Norris, fourth Charles Leclerc, fifth Carlos Sainz and sixth Sebastian Vettel. The round of ten closes Pierre Gasly in seventh place, Lewis Hamilton was eighth, Esteban Ocon ninth and Alexander Albon tenth.

The third free practice is scheduled for tomorrow at 12:00. The second free practice for the GP of Portugal started at 16:00. The first half hour of training was used to test the tires for 2021, so all the drivers got on the track very quickly.

After close contact with Kevin Magnussen, Carlos Sainz flew off the track between turns 14 and 15. Sergio Perez also takes off in turn 3, but manages to get back on track, while Romain Grosjean ends up in the gravel in turn 11.

Valtteri Bottas leads ahead of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, and a large number of laps are canceled for drivers due to shortening turns. Hamilton reports that he has problems with vibrations in the tires and goes to the pits.

Charles Leclerc comes in second. Nicholas Latifi brakes very early, which almost leads to a collision between him and Sebastian Vettel. Stint on the tires for next year is coming to an end, and Max Verstappen’s fastest time is 1: 21.575 seconds.

Fire in the car

Drivers return to the track on current tires, and Sebastian Vettel takes the lead ahead of Pierre Gasly and George Russell. All three drive on the middle component of the tires. Charles Leclerc soon took third place, but not for long because Max Verstappen came to the top of the standings.

Vettel twisted in turn 14 and entered the pits, and soon Daniil Kvyat also twisted. Valtteri Bottas took the lead with a time of 1: 17.940 seconds. The session was stopped due to a fire on Pierre Gasly’s car. The Frenchman gets out of the car with no consequences, and the workers on the track start putting out the fire on his car.

The session continues after a 15-minute break. The following is a simulation of qualifications on soft tires. After five minutes, there is a collision between Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll, which causes a new break in the session.

The Canadian ends up in the gravel, while the Dutchman manages to get back into boxing. Judges will investigate the incident. Such a collision in the fight for positions is common in races, but we rarely see it in free practice.

After a new 15-minute break, drivers have eight minutes left for fast laps on soft tires. By the end of the session, there was no more excessive drama. So Valtteri Bottas once again proved to be the king of free practice. Today he was the fastest again, this time ahead of Max Verstappen and Land Norris.

They are followed by Leclerc, Sainz and Vettel, and the circle of the top ten is closed by Gasly, Hamilton, Ocon and Albon.