Aston Martin team principal: It’s much, much easier to develop from this base


Aston Martin team principal: It’s much, much easier to develop from this base

Aston Martin surprised many at the very start of the season. Fernando Alonso finished the race in third place and showed that Aston Martin could be the main competitor to Red Bull. Aston Martin's engineer spoke about the team's progress and the changes they made to achieve great results.

"We wanted to be better than last year's Red Bull in all areas with the AMR23," the engineer said to Auto Motor und Sport, as quoted by “We worked with values determined from the GPS data. When we actually exceeded these targets, we initially thought that we must have made a mistake”.

Mike Krack on his team

Team principal Mike Krack spoke especially about the base they have, which is a great prelude to everything else. He is happy that they succeeded in their intentions, and it is certain that they will not stop there.

“In a cost cap environment, you need to start with a good baseline because you cannot afford to spend what you have available on just on developing,” - Mike Krack said. “I think this is something that is also why we went aggressive in the targets that we had for that car.

Obviously, it’s not always easy to achieve, but our team has managed to achieve great things there, and it’s much, much easier to develop from this base than to develop from the base we had last year”.

Krack also spoke about last season and the problems they faced. The situation is much different now, but Krack believes that other teams must also have big plans. “I think last year, we managed to get better over the season, but we saw also how hard that is in terms of, because of the intensity that you have with racing and cost cap, you are really tight.

I think we have our development plan, and this is independent of Red Bull. We have a plan in place, but the others have a plan in place as well. It could well be that if you develop at the same rate, you stay where you are. Let’s see where we get to”.

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