Rival teams reacted to Mercedes' bad start to the season


Rival teams reacted to Mercedes' bad start to the season
Rival teams reacted to Mercedes' bad start to the season

Mercedes started the new season desperately, and they did not find themselves on the podium. Considering the ambitions of this team and the results from the past, the team leaders cannot be satisfied at all. The worst thing is that it's hard to be optimistic after testing and the first race.

However, their rivals believe that Mercedes will recover and be the team they need to be. Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur is one of those who believes that this is just the beginning and that the next race can change a lot for them.

"It's race one and we don't have to do any conclusion. I think that Mercedes will wake up soon. We don't know what will happen next week. The next race will be a different story in Jeddah with a different tarmac. So let's see in Jeddah if we have a better picture."- Vasseur said, as quoted by motorsport.com Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko reacted to a reporter's question about whether Red Bull's main rival is Ferrari or Aston Martin.

Interestingly, nobody mentioned Mercedes, but Marko did. "After one race, it's difficult to say. There are still many competitors left. I also believe that Mercedes will become better throughout the season."

Christian Horner on Mercedes

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner believes that big changes can happen.

"I've been around long enough to see things change so quickly. I think these cars are still relatively immature and, as teams develop and upgrades come, things will change." Horner also spoke about the Mercedes changing concept.

He seems to be an optimist. "I think the operating windows of these cars is very narrow and every team in the top three looks like it has developed its own theme," he said. "One team has adopted our theme and it made a gain So I guess at one point it is going to converge and that can happen during a season."

Mercedes Helmut Marko