Lewis Hamilton ready to fight for the title: Last year we were in panic mode

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Lewis Hamilton ready to fight for the title: Last year we were in panic mode

Lewis Hamilton is ready to go all the way this season. Max Verstappen caused him big problems in the last two seasons, especially in the one before the last. Lewis believes that his team is much better this season and that they can reach the title!

“We will find out in the next couple of days for what is realistic,” -Lewis Hamilton told Sky, as quoted by crash.net “But that’s what I have prepared for. I have prepared myself for a championship battle.

Whether or not we have the equipment for a championship battle? We will find out. But I do believe that I have the team, still, who are championship worthy. We will keep our heads down. Last year we were in panic mode - ‘what is the issue? Fix it!’.

It took us forever to fully understand it. This year, we start with a car that doesn’t bounce but it is similar to last year’s cars. But there are positives. It is a good foundation to work on”.

Lewis Hamilton and confidence

The Briton has huge faith in his team and denied that there is any plan B.

They will look to be competitive again for the very top. It looks like they are confident like never before. “I saw people talking about a Plan B, there isn’t a Plan B, it’s complete rubbish,” he added.

“We are living in a time of the cost cap. To re-do and redesign a car you have to go back to square one, and we don’t have time in the season to do that. We will continue to evolve and build the car, and push it to its absolute limit.

I know I’ve got the best team behind me to close the gap. It’s about finding that performance as fast as we can”.

Lewis Hamilton