Jenson Button on the reasons why Lewis Hamilton doesn't want to extend his contract

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Jenson Button on the reasons why Lewis Hamilton doesn't want to extend his contract

There are many rumors about why Lewis Hamilton does not want to extend his contract with Mercedes, which expires this year. Jenson Button, former F1 driver, and Hamilton's colleague, believes that Hamilton wants to see how competitive he will be this season and whether he will have a good car.

“It has to be that right?” Button said, as quoted by “Why otherwise would you leave it this late? He knows how annoying we all are asking [about the contract]. I mean, we’ve got to ask the question.

But he’s going to hate answering it over and over and over and over again. It can only be because he's wondering how competitive they will be. Is he going to sign if the car is uncompetitive because he wants it to be quick again before he retires?” he added.

“Or is he thinking 'If it's not better, I'm just going to retire.' Who knows?”

Jens Button on George Russell

Button also spoke about Hamilton's current teammate, George Russell. Button believes that Russell can do a lot this season.

In the first season, he did not have so much pressure, and he managed to be better than Lewis. Already this season, he is expected to make an even bigger step forward in F1. "I think it's a great fight. You know, they're both so talented.

One’s obviously got more world championships than anyone else. But George, you know, he's just great, he really is. In terms of his driving, in terms of his engineering skills. I think he's a great talent. First year, it's easy because there's no real pressure on your shoulders.

Nobody expects you to beat Lewis Hamilton. But second year in, it's like ‘Now we're gonna see what you can do.’ So I’m looking forward to watching that. They’re both hopefully going to be fighting for wins”.

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