Max Verstappen gained 10kg during the break

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Max Verstappen gained 10kg during the break

Max Verstappen used the end of the season in the right way. The Dutchman gained 10 kilos and ate and drank everything he wanted. However, after everything, he decided to lose 10 kg again before the start of the season. Max is a man who knows when to do something and wants to be as ready as possible to start the new season.

“The whole year I feel like I'm below my normal weight,” he said to De Telegraaf, as quoted by “I then give myself a month to eat and drink what I want and enjoy myself a bit." A Dutchman is not a person who will keep his weight throughout the year.

"I like to hurt myself a bit then," he said. His RB19 also lost weight, unlike the car he had. “That car was even more overweight than the kilos I gained in December,” Verstappen said. “So that's quite a lot."

Max Verstappen and his impressions

Verstappen has positive impressions after Bahrain testing.

He is satisfied with the changes, and he is expected to have an equally good season as the previous two. "I think the car is working really well," said Verstappen. "Just going through a lot of things that we wanted to try, and everything is very interesting, what we have been trying.

So very positive days for me. And just in general enjoying driving the car. There are quite a few differences in the cars. So it definitely drives a bit different. I think that's also a bit related to the tyres. But overall, I think it's definitely an improvement from last year.

The main issue we had last year is that the car was massively overweight. So in the beginning, the car was just very lazy it was not turning in, because the weight was also in the wrong place on the car." The beginning of the season will be very exciting. It's hard to predict what to expect, but Max will definitely be the first favorite.

Max Verstappen