Christian Horner on Max Verstappen and his motivation

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Christian Horner on Max Verstappen and his motivation

Max Verstappen wants to achieve identical goals this season as well. One thing is certain: the Dutchman will strive to win the championship. Another advantage for him is the fact that he has won two titles in a row, and there is no pressure like before.

Christian Horner especially praised Max Verstappen. There are high expectations from him. “He’s relaxed out the car but his motivation and drive from the first lap you could see today where his motivation is. He’s really looking forward to going racing, he’s a racer.

It’s going to be good to get going next weekend”. - Horner said, as quoted by

Max Verstappen and Bahrain

Verstappen finished top in Bahrain during testing. He is satisfied with what he has at his disposal and wants to use every moment.

He is already used to what he has. As we have already said, there are many advantages for him in the following season. “It was good. A lot of laps, so that’s of course what we wanted. [It was] basically a smooth day [with] no issues.

We could really focus on the car, try a few things, to understand also the new tyres for this year. We got loads of running during the day when it was really hot, or kind of hot, and in the evening as well – so a pretty okay day.

[The car is] a bit of an evolution from last year. I think last year was more a time where you were really adapting to the car, really understanding what you had to do. Of course, with all the knowledge from last year, I think it’s already a much easier start for everyone to come back here.

It’s nice to see the new car, how it has evolved from last year, how the behaviour is a bit different, and also because of the tyres”.

Max Verstappen