Toto Wolff reveals the advantage of Mercedes over Red Bull

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Toto Wolff reveals the advantage of Mercedes over Red Bull

Toto Wolff had interesting statements at the launch of the Mercedes W14 challenger. Already before the start of the season, there was a debate about whether Mercedes would succeed in winning the title, and what the race with Red Bull would be like.

Wolff believes that Red Bull's F1 cost cap penalty will be a big advantage for his team. “I think they [Red Bull] have done a very good job last year in having a car out there that was half a second or more quicker than anyone else,” Wolff told media, as quoted by “The lack of wind tunnel time is certainly not great for them, [and it could be] an advantage for us this season”.

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However, the Austrian expert believes that Red Bull can have a strong enough car. “But if you have an efficient machine, you can certainly compensate for that, or large parts of it. So, long-term, [it’s] good for us, but we’ve been in that situation - obviously without a penalty - so we won and had less wind tunnel time for everyone else for the last two seasons.

It’s going to certainly bite them a bit, but if they are efficient as an organisation – which they’ve demonstrated – it’s not going to be big”. Many believe that the fight for the title could be between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

“We saw very positive comments from the other teams that we are going to be right there. But we need to prove that ourselves that we are taking the right decisions and I would like to have a fight in the front there, not only the top thee teams but maybe one of the others can join us there. It would be good for Formula 1 and that’s what makes it so enjoyable”.

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