Lando Norris: This season I will have more responsibility


Lando Norris: This season I will have more responsibility

Lando Norris has matured a lot as a driver, and his real progress is expected from the next season. The Briton is also aware of this and is ready to take on a different role. “I think I definitely have more responsibility to uphold this season, simply because I am the one with a bit more experience with F1 but also with McLaren as a team,” Norris said, as quoted by “I can use that a lot more than what Oscar would be able to do and therefore my responsibility is to use that to our advantage and be the guy that can use that more for improving it into the future.

Of course, Oscar has got to be able to bring a different perspective. He’s worked with a different team - that’s not something I’ve done before. He can bring a different side but I am the one that is able to bring things that worked, things that didn’t in previous years and be the driver that upholds that to the team and also pushes the team.

I guess I am the one that feels a bit more at home at the minute, being so long in the team and I can use that to the advantage of pushing people, pushing people that work here, the aerodynamics, the designers."

Lando Norris and his new role

Norris is willing to listen to his team's advice.

He is always open to learning new things. The experience during the previous years has taught him a lot, and Norris now wants to use everything he has learned. "I probably feel more happier to go up to them and ask them questions and lean on them, push them than maybe what Oscar does.

Maybe I am wrong but I think that just comes with time, getting to know people, experience of being with the team. That side of it, you know. Getting the truth out of people, pushing them, getting them to find their limit, whatever area that is within the team.

That’s a little bit my job and role within the team rather than just to give general feedback about the car and just drive. I have more responsibility back here to lead the team and push them on”.

Lando Norris