Lando Norris: I am ready to wait for McLaren to be the strongest


Lando Norris: I am ready to wait for McLaren to be the strongest
Lando Norris: I am ready to wait for McLaren to be the strongest

Lando Norris is still a member of McLaren, despite the rumors that existed about his departure. Norris is patient and believes in his team. "We are a team who should be able to win championships and we soon have everything in place to do so,” he said, as quoted by crash.netj “I am probably not the most patient guy but it’s something you need to learn to have when you get into F1.

“Until then, I am just doing my job to achieve everything I can one weekend at a time and that’s the way I go about it”.
“I have the patience to wait out those next years – not even wait out, but to make the most of these next 2 years,” he explained.

Lando Norris set himself the goal of succeeding in what he set out to do by the age of 25. It is important for him to believe in his team, but belief in himself is also an even more important factor. "I’m happy to do so, to a certain extent, I’m only 23, I feel like I’ve got many years still to go.

Those 2 years, and potentially 25 being the year where we can be in that position to really fight for things. I guess at times it’s tough to think as I’m a competitive guy, and I want to win, so of course you think what could you do to get into that position earlier, but also I’m very comfortable with where I am now.

I have good confidence in the team, If I didn’t then maybe my mindset would be different, but that confidence is important – for myself, but also the team to have it. I definitely have not lost faith in the team that I’m part of, I’m very happy to continue to work with them and be part of the journey getting back to winning races and winning championships”.

Lando Norris and his team

Lando is aware that his team cannot compete with Ferrari, Red Bull, or Mercedes. However, he believes in his team and revealed what the main goal is in 2023. “A realistic and successful year would be to still take some big steps forwards, a year where we can get back to fighting at the front of the midfield confidently.

That’s something which slipped away from us last year with Aston having some very good performances, considerably better at times, Alpine beating us and taking that spot. We need to be the team that’s leading the way in the fight to the top 3 teams, and if we can at least end this season around that place, where we’re fighting for fourth in the constructors’, and we’re leading the way to the top 3, then I think that’s what we need to be happy with.

It’s ambitious, we have a lot of work to do to achieve it, but I think that’s a realistic goal. I don’t think you can expect us to be on par with the Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes this year, we still have a long long way to get to that point”.

Lando Norris