Ferrari will be working on the rear part of the car

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Ferrari will be working on the rear part of the car

In an effort to re-approach the top of the Formula 1 standings, Ferrari plans to redesign the rear of its cars for next season. In recent weeks, Mattia Binotto has announced in his statements a completely new Ferrari powertrain for next season, and the chief chassis engineer, Simone Resta, has announced that he will significantly redesign the rear of his 2021 cars at Maranello.

The goal, of course, is to try to bring Ferrari back to the top of the standings, after this season in which the SF1000 proved to be extremely uncompetitive. Ferrari is currently only in sixth place in the ranking of constructors.

Resta on the car

Speaking to Italian Autosprint, Resta said: “We will rework the rear of the car. We think that this is an area that will open more space for development in terms of chassis and aerodynamics for 2021.

Furthermore, the rear of the car will be affected by changes to the rules introduced by the FIA, in order to reduce the aerodynamic performance in order to limit the load to which the tires are exposed. " “As a result of these changes, all teams will lose some of their thrust, and it will be extremely important to compensate as much as possible.

Because of all this, we believe that this is the most important area in which we need to spend our development tokens. ” The token system was introduced as part of cost-cutting measures in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, so teams have significantly reduced room for maneuver in terms of chassis upgrades for next season.

They have to choose whether to use the tokens for a larger upgrade of one part of the car or to distribute them into two smaller elements. Despite the announcements of a new engine and this redesign of the rear of the car, Resta does not expect miracles next season.

“We can develop the engine freely during the winter, but development will be frozen from the first race in 2021 onwards. You must not touch it again. Aerodynamics, although allowed for development, is limited by the structure below.

You have to choose aerodynamics as a dress. It must be worn over the body, and the dimensions of the body will affect the final shape. ” “If the nose structure of the car stays the same, I may be able to design a new front wing, but my creative autonomy is still limited.

"Because of all these freezes and restrictions, we think it will be difficult to significantly make up for the gap we now have behind the leaders in just one season," Resta said.