Max Verstappen believes that Mercedes will be their first rival

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Max Verstappen believes that Mercedes will be their first rival

Max Verstappen spoke to El Mundo Deportivo about various topics. The Dutchman is a big favorite to win the title in the coming season. However, Max does not want to bother with the role of favorite, because he is aware of the competition.

“I never really think about being the favorite because you have to keep working, you have to keep improving or else they will catch up and pass you,”- he said to El Mundo Deportivo Mercedes and Ferrari made big changes.

Many wonder how this will affect the team spirit, but also the general situation in their teams. Mercedes lost its strategy boss James Vowles, while Ferrari decided to end the adventure with Matia Binotto. Max doesn't know how it will affect them.

“I don’t know,” Verstappen said. “It’s hard to tell from the outside if it’s a good thing or a bad thing – is it going to interrupt their work? It’s true that when new people come in it always takes a bit of time to settle.

But I think you can still get a lot of performance immediately anyway”. Ferrari will be one of the favorites. “Ferrari will be strong, But how much? It’s hard to say”.

Max Verstappen and his expectations

Max Verstappen believes that Mercedes will be one of the main competitors.

He expects a lot from Lewis Hamilton, but also from other drivers. “At the end of the year, sometimes it seemed like they were together and sometimes they weren’t. It’s hard to say if they understand everything fully now.

For sure they’ll be our first rival. Lewis (Hamilton) has been one of the best drivers in the history of the sport, so for sure if he has the car to do it, he can fight for the title again. But that’s also the case for George (Russell).

It’s the same for Charles (Leclerc), it’s the same for Lando (Norris). If you give them a car capable of winning the championship, they can do it,” he said.

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