Frederic Vasseur: There will be no number one and number two

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Frederic Vasseur: There will be no number one and number two

Frederic Vasseur, the new Ferrari team principal, spoke about the roles of Leclerc and Sainz in the next season. Vasseur does not want to give priority to anyone. His main goal is the progress and success of the team. “It is a clear situation,” Vassuer said, as quoted by “We have two very good drivers and they are both able to do the job.

We will have the capacity to provide them with exactly the same car, structure and support. The target is to win with Ferrari and for Ferrari and there will be no number one and number two. But if at one stage we have to take action, I will take action and it doesn’t matter if it is for one driver or the other”.

What can make Ferrari fans happy is the optimism of Vasseur, who believes that his team has everything it needs. “I'm really convinced that Ferrari today, and, for sure, my experience is limited to the last two weeks, but we have everything to win,” he explained.

“We have to put everything together to do a good job, but we have everything to be able to win. You can have a look on the results of the last decades that the wheel is always running, and it's just a matter of continuous improvement for me."

F1 priority

The priority of his team is to make great progress and be a dominant force.

Vasseur believes they have a great chance to do so. It is difficult to predict who will dominate, given that there are big changes in F1 at the moment. “If we are doing a better job than the others in a couple of months or years, then we will be able to win.

Nothing is set in stone. If you have a look at some teams that were in a very dominant situation a couple of years ago, they are nowhere today. It means that you don't have to take this kind of direction to say OK, it was like these last decades or the last 20 years, and it will stay like this the next 40 years.

F1 is a changing world and we just have to be focused on the job, on the performance, and everything is possible”.