Guenther Steiner on Mick Schumacher: Sometimes one step back is two steps forward

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Guenther Steiner on Mick Schumacher: Sometimes one step back is two steps forward

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner decided not to keep Mick Schumacher in the team after what can be called an 'unsuccessful' season. Still, Steiner is optimistic about this young driver who is a huge prospect. Toto Wolff decided to take Schumacher under his helm, and the young driver will have the role of reserve driver in the next season for the Mercedes team.

Steiner believes that Mercedes made an excellent move and that Schumacher could improve under the helm of Wolff. “I think he is in a good position with Mercedes. Mercedes has many sibling teams,” Steiner told RTL, as quoted by Speedweek.

“[De Vries] jumped in at Williams and got a regular cockpit at AlphaTauri through this route. [Schumacher is] in a good position. I hope for no driver’s sake that he can’t drive. But if there is a possibility, Mick can sit in and drive.

Sometimes one step back is two steps forward. He’s put himself in a good position with a team where he has the best chance for a regular cockpit in the future”.

Guenther Steiner and Mick Schumacher

Steiner confirmed that he still has a great relationship with the German.

Leaving the Haas team will be an additional motivation for Schumacher to show his qualities. Everyone is aware of his potential and talent, but he will have to confirm that. Mercedes can be an ideal chance for him if he takes advantage of all the benefits.

We doubt that Toto Wolff would have given Schumacher a chance if he hadn't seen his potential. We hope that Schumacher will show all that adorns him and progress in Mercedes. “That just happens in life. You break up often and that’s why it doesn’t mean that you break up in a fight,” Steiner said.

“In the end, we both played with open cards and that’s why I believe we still talk to each other and greet each other”.