Who will drive for Haas next season?

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Who will drive for Haas next season?

One of the hot topics in the F1 world right now is Haas ’driving lineup for next season. The American team has not yet confirmed any drivers for 2021, and there is no shortage of candidates. There has been a lot of talk in recent days about Haas' contacts with Russian driver Nikita Mazepin.

He is in sixth place in the overall Formula 2 standings, and what is probably much more important to Haas is the money that the Russian would bring to the team. On the subject, Guenther Steiner says: "Mr Mazepin would like to secure a place for his son in Formula One, and his son wants it even more.

However, first we have to decide which direction we want to go, and then we will sit at the table with those who are interested. ”

Schumacher and Ilott

There is currently no shortage of good candidates for promotion in Formula 2, starting with Ferrari's juniors - Mick Schumacher and Callum Ilott.

Among the candidates is Mike Schumacher who has an imperative to find himself in F1. It is sure they think about him in Haas as well and count him as one of the potential candidates “We work closely with Ferrari, so if we’re going to take a Formula 2 driver, it’s likely it could be a Ferrari driver.

I wouldn’t mind, who wouldn’t want to have Schumacher in Formula 1 again? Especially a driver who is in the form he is currently showing, but the decision is up to Ferrari, ”explains Steiner. In addition to juniors, current drivers, who have not yet been officially crossed - Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, as well as free drivers with a lot of experience, such as Sergio Perez and Nic Hülkenberg, are also vying for places in Haas.

"We didn't talk to Nice for a few weeks. As a team, we need to know what we want before we approach people. Nico is a very respected driver in F1 and we know what he can do, but it would be unfair to talk to anyone before we decide what is best for us, ”Steiner said.

It seems that they are enjoying the current situation in Haas to some extent. Their driving positions are very desirable and they really have a good starting point for negotiations with anyone. It will be interesting to follow the development of the situation in the coming weeks.

It is certain that many are interested in a place in the Haas team and would like to receive an invitation, but their team will sit down and decide well who will be those who have the greatest prospects and who are the best in their work.