Fernando Alonso decided to change many things!

"Formula 1 is very demanding on energy off-track as well"

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso decided to change many things!

Fernando Alonso has introduced many changes considering that he is in serious years. Fernando is aware that he has to work harder, and that he is not in the same situation as before. Training routines are one of the aspects that Alonso had to change.

“I’ve had to change many things.
"The moment of my career now, the physical aspects, I have to change a few of my training routines, my travelling, events."- he said , as quoted by gpfans.com. Alonso believes that he has to put in more effort than he did before.

We will see if the new season will be good for him. "Formula 1 is very demanding on energy off-track as well, so I have to really be more efficient on more of the things that I do on the weekends or in the weeks. On the physical aspect, for sure, I have to do much more than what I’m used to because I’m not 20 anymore."

Fernando Alonso and tennis

Alonso recently spoke about his hunger, which is natural.

He compared himself and his tactics to tennis. "It’s natural. It’s the same on everything, not just motor racing. Also in tennis, I used to use this example because I don’t play too good tennis but good enough to play with everyone.

I cannot hit the ball if they are hitting too hard for me or whatever so I start playing high balls, even if I can play better. But like this, the ball arrives at a lower speed to him and he doesn’t know how to react.

So I eventually maybe ended up winning the game with a better player than me, but it is just because I am constantly thinking how to use my strengths but also how to weaken any of my rivals. It is on everything, not only motor racing. And I don’t need to think, it comes naturally”.

Fernando Alonso