Sergio Pérez's former manager: He has to find out what Max does differently from him

“Max is just on a different level."- Fernandez said

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Pérez's former manager: He has to find out what Max does differently from him

Sergio Pérez's former manager Adrian Fernandez believes that Sergio has to make a step forward if he wants to be as good as or nearly as good as Max Verstappen. “Checo is performing well,” Fernandez said for

“The problem is that Verstappen is driving next to him. Checo is an excellent driver and now very experienced. But now he has to find out what Max does differently from him. Fernandez is aware of the role the Dutchman has in the team.

“Max has of course been driving for Red Bull for some time and the team is built around him. Considering that, Checo is certainly not doing wrong and is probably doing exactly what the team wants him to do. But he will soon have to step up a gear.

And I think he knows that too. Red Bull was very strong last year, but if the competition is closer next season, it will be even more important for the team to have two drivers at the front”. There are only words of praise about Max Verstappen.

“Max is just on a different level. He is of the calibre of Senna, Schumacher and Hamilton."


Fernandez emphasized which aspect of his work Perez must change, but he did not forget to mention consistency, the most important factor in a driver's success.

“I believe in Checo’s ability, but to get to that level, he will have to take a big step. And I’m not so much talking about how he drives, but more about how he works with the engineers to get the car to his liking and his consistency throughout the season.

Being fastest over a lap once, finishing a session on top or winning a race, it’s all well and good but if you’re going for the championship you’re going to have to be strong all season. Look at Valtteri Bottas.

He spent years in the best car, but failed to become champion. The difference between him and Lewis? Consistency. That is what makes champions so special”.