Lewis Hamilton on 'partnership' with Mick Schumacher

“You don't work so closely with the third driver anymore,” Hamilton said

by Sead Dedovic
Lewis Hamilton on 'partnership' with Mick Schumacher

One of the greatest talents of Formula 1, Mick Schumacher is no longer part of the Haas team. Mick is now the third Mercedes driver. The legendary F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, commented on the arrival of Schumacher. He emphasized that they will not have such a big cooperation.

“You don't work so closely with the third driver anymore,” Hamilton said to Bild. "It's a lot of simulator work and not like it used to be, even though we'll still be teammates. " Everyone knows about his father's achievements.

Lewis Hamilton thinks this is a great thing for Mercedes, but also for Mick. We will see how Mick will manage in his new role. The Brit believes that Schumacher is a great talent. “Mick is a great talent. He is an asset for Mercedes.

He is a German driver. His father Michael and Mercedes were already closely connected”.

Max Verstappen's dominance: Arnoux's statement

On the other hand, Max Verstappen showed the dominance expected of him this year as well.

Although at the beginning of the season, it was unclear whether Max could be the best again, the Dutchman showed dominance in the rest of the season and won the title in vain. Former Ferrari driver René Arnoux commented on the Dutchman's success.

He believes that Verstappen was far above everyone, even though it was Leclerc who threatened him. "Verstappen and Red Bull were supreme. Several times, like at Zandvoort for example, he slaughtered everyone in the race. In my eyes, Charles Leclerc comes close to him, but Verstappen still has that little bit more."- Arnoux said, as quoted by gpfans.com.

He couldn't help but look back at the Japanese GP. "What he did there... he executed an overtake outside in the rain to perfection. When it is asked of him, he can brake later than anyone else."

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